This is how healthy people regulate their emotions.

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4 min readNov 11, 2023


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lots of people talking about emotional regulation, emotional regulation… let’s talk a little bit about that.

One thing we know is that narcissistic people cannot emotionally regulate themselves!

And one of the biggest problems and I’d say the biggest issues in narcissistic relationships originate from the fact that narcissistic people are so disregulated!

They either scream and yell if they don’t get their way or they give you the silent treatment.

And long story short that is how we end up with the eggshell walking the balancing on a razor that characterizes just about every antagonistic or narcissistic relationship.

Now! if you have been in a narcissistic relationship for long enough or you grew up with a narcissistic parent.

You never really got healthy models of Regulation and as a result, raging scream-dreaming, anger can become normalized or any form of anger can become terrifying.

In this scenario, your fear of abandonment might stem from a parent who, in response to not getting their way, expressed anger through withholding or withdrawal.

So like from a very early age, you became masterful at completely and utterly catering to the…



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