Dr. Psychology
4 min readJun 11, 2020

The Hijabi girl made her way through the dark and blood-curdling path to the station. The least chosen path was her choice of the night and the route observed it’s deathly silence. But the wheels of her trolley shattered the dark silence awakening the hungry stray dogs. One of the dogs barked at her, and the rest of them joined the choir after the first one. She was terrified but walked ruthlessly disregarding the growling hungry curs. She lifted the bag to eschew the noise and prayed the dogs don’t chase her. She had walked half a mile, and yet the station was a mile away. The growling and snarling slowly ceased, reclaiming silence through the street.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

She sighed with relief and resumed her stride. The street was abandoned at the hour. She expected no more hurdles through her path and walked solaced. After walking a quarter mile, she encountered the hobos and saints lying on the pavement by the street. At first, she was relieved with sight of a human life at the first place but then she realized her Muslim-attire, the full body cloak. The intimidation and panic-strike followed the epiphany. She kept her eyes away from the homeless residents of foot-path and kept walking voicelessly, gazing at the ground. They stared at her like the predators heeding the prey’s path. Those eyes as desperate as if they haven’t witnessed a woman before. Each of them stared her head to toe, as she walked past them. Their eyes emitted their desire and passion. They were eager.

The station was half a mile away and the hobos’ and saints’ chain seemed endless. Along her path,raised two stout saints and their pet dogs with red grog eyes. They both glared at her as she passed by and strode after her with their dogs. Moments passed but she was not aware of the stalkers behind her. Suddenly, she heard a snarl from behind her left. She was fully startled but could not gather the guts to turn around to look who’s behind. She kept walking with fright. She heard foot-steps behind her and this made her sure, someone was following her. She gathered some courage and turned her neck a bit to her left and saw through the edge of her eye a stout saint and a dog following her. This brought her fear to life, and she paced up to escape from him. While the saints with their dogs followed her trail, the hobos gave her the damned lusty looks, their eyes sparked as she passed and threw a creepy smile at her.

Dr. Psychology

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