The Heedless World We Live In.

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2 min readJun 25, 2022
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The very purpose of the Almighty’s creation of man is to glorify Him and secondly to co-exist with each other peacefully.

Few of us have been extremely fortunate in having and maintaining beautiful ties be it with their parents, friends, siblings, spouses.

The mantra to continue a never ending bond is mutual understanding, trust, respect for each other and above all unconditional love… The mere essence of an eternal bond is selflessness. The readiness to go to any extent and sacrifice what it may require to maintain it. But the harsh truth is; those days are gone where one could see live demonstrations of unconditional and pure love, where people would leave no stone unturned to gel and dwell together in peace and harmony. Not even movies show this scenarios in fact.

Malice, hatred, jealousy, selfishness always had taken a back seat.. as they new their priorities. Today we are living in a different era where no one seems to have time for anyone. One can hardly find people greeting, smiling or bonding with each other. The desperation to have a following & entitlement (no matter who you are) to be liked, complimented is ruining even the simplest and purest of relationship. One is not ready to befriend the other until he is stinkingly rich or famous. These kind of superficial bonds are not for stays. Marital relationship are at stake and even an inseparable couple finds their marriage to on the rocks; the main reason being a laid back attitude and zeal to deal with relationships.

The importance of relationships need to be nurtured right from childhood. Children need to taught the values of relationships.. If we overlook this then, the day is not far off when a human existence will be just mechanical sans emotions, feelings, mutual respect and understanding towards each other.

Lets make amends to mend our bonds, for God himself has promised eternal relationships for those who truly strive for it.

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