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It’s Tough to Be Good!

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Hello there, Dear Parent!

Do you know the most significant difference between a teen’s mind and a child’s mind is?

It is that your little kid used to copy and follow most of your instructions, but as a teenager, they tend to become rebellious.

It can be frustrating, but what most parents don’t realize is an important fact. Adolescence is the stage at where a child begins to develop his/her personality.

This is the phase which decides if the kid is going to develop a dark personality like narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism or a healthy, self-sufficient personality.

I can’t stress this enough that at this stage the upbringing & the parent’s role becomes too crucial in grooming the child’s personality.

All we have to do as parents is make controlled decisions. This might seem like a cake-walk, but it is extremely frustrating. But don’t you worry, we’re here to give you a few pointers while your child is transitioning from child to adult.

1. Freedom

Treat freedom like a license.

Freedom for teenagers is a tricky concept, isn’t it? You give away too much, you make a bad child. You restrict the child too much, you have a covert narcissist or a low self-esteem.

The middle path is essentially what we are looking for and here’s how you do it.

Never giveaway freedom before your teen is ready and responsible. To test if he/she is ready, the teen must be exposed to solve his/her problems to be a better & a responsible human.

Let them prove themselves & earn it. Don’t be too generous.

Giving away too much freedom before he or she has proven to be responsible can be a rookie mistake. Social media & internet is filled with articles which stress too much on adolescent freedom.

But it has more drawbacks to it than advantages. Drug use, adultery, or being in bad company and many more possibilities of risk arise with unregulated freedom.


  • When your teen reaches the age of 18, never…



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