Signs That You Have a Strong Type-A Personality

Don’t be fooled so easily

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Dedication, time-management, workaholics, & competitiveness. These are a few traits of a person with a Type-A personality. But don’t be fooled so easily. Although these traits seem to radiate a positive effect, it isn’t necessarily the truth.

Type-A personality isn’t a positive personality, although it has the traits that many people would die to have. Well, the catch in this personality type is, that they have competitiveness, impatience, workaholism & time awareness all in excess. In a nutshell, they can be easily perceived as rude by the next person, due to their intense behavior. However, a good thing about the Type-A personality is they can thrive well in a job atmosphere and are likely to witness a successful career.

Here are a few traits that characterize the Type-A personality.

Urgency & Impatience

Well, if this was the only trait required to qualify as a Type-A, then most of the writers on Medium would fall under this category. Only 10% of the writers in the $100 club? And the number doesn’t seem to go up, that explains a lot.

That’s mostly a result of unrealistic expectations. Including me. Most of us have this craving for quick results, and when the expected results do not come our way, we frustrate and quit.

Well, this is a major trait of Type-A personality but they don’t quit. They get easily frustrated and behave rudely with their colleagues or family members when success is delayed. They are so critical about their time and hate waiting in long queues and tend to do things at a fast pace whether it be walking, talking, or working.

Exhibiting Dominance

Dominance can be perceived as a sign of leadership. But in this case, it’s not! Type-A’s tend to exert dominance over people at work or in relationships disregarding what others wish for. The reason behind their dominance could be explained by their desire of getting things done.


It’s good, but excess is simply unnecessary. Type-A’s pursue life as a competition. Do you know what this means? Everything can be a competition, from income…



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