Should we be afraid of Karma?

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3 min readFeb 10, 2022

I really wish there was a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to this question. Then things would’ve been a lot simpler. And the question — ‘Should You/I be afraid of karma?’ wouldn’t have that importance in our lives. But now that the things are complex, let’s break down how karma works and figure out if one should be afraid of it or could pass.

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What is the Law of Karma and how does it work?

Our every thought, action, work will have an effect — Law of Karma

In simple words, we could also say ‘what goes around, comes around’. This is the fundamental concept of karma.

When someone reads this phrase in its literal sense one might guess that whatever goes around will come back in the exact same manner. For example, I murdered someone, so I will be murdered by someone too.

But that’s not how it works. Because there are other Laws that prevent the exact same thing to happen. Like the Laws of Nature, and our man-made laws — our legislative systems, our government laws, our country laws, etc.

According to the Law of Karma, if you put out good, good makes a place in your life. Same thing for bad. But according to the Laws of Nature, there is no such thing as good or bad. The law of nature is simple, it believes in survival of the fittest. So, according to the nature, a murderer is not a criminal. So, the nature doesn’t help punish the murderer. Then, we have our man-made laws which prevent the murders itself. Although our laws aren't firm enough, but there is a certain amount of resistance to crime.

Does that mean that karma fails to act?

Although Karma doesn’t actually bring back to you your exact actions, it brings back the exact effect of your actions. It balances out the good and bad. For a murderer, he might not get murdered, but something of same impact could happen to him. He could get a fatal disease. Now, that’s karma.

But the murderer could get away with no punishment at all. Yes, it is a possibility. How, you ask? As said earlier karma balances the good and bad. If the murderer had put out so much good to the world against that one single murder, his good deeds can outrank his evil deeds. For example, if he had saved lives after that murder.

Should You/I be afraid of Karma?

I say it’s tricky. You might consider yourselves to be a good person. Because people tend to count themselves as good people.

And, we don’t count our foul deeds, but count our good deeds. What does that say about us? It means that we are sending so much foul to the world than we are sending good. To not be bothered about karma, the good and bad has to be balanced.

If you truly manage to send out more good and kill the amount of bad to the world. There’s no karma that can harm you. Be empathetic and true to yourself.

Live well! All the best!



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