Narcissism is Not Self-Love

Narcissus – Did you know who Narcissus was?

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Narcissus — Did you know who Narcissus was?

A Greek legend? Not exactly. He was the first narcissist and the word narcissist comes from his name Narcissus. The name might be boring but his story for sure is worth lending an ear to.

There exist two different tales in Greek mythology about Narcissus.

The first and infamous one says — that Narcissus was the one who fell in love with his own reflection in the water.

Narcissus was a hunter from Thespiae who was known for his beauty and charm. Women made romantic advances to him and people around him adored him for his beauty.

But, given the ass that he was, he was arrogant and disregarded his admirers. He believed they were not worthy of his love and broke hearts with arrogance. The Goddess of Revenge witnessed the whole story and decided to lay a ploy to punish Narcissus.

On a hot summer day, while Narcissus was thirty after hunting, she lured him to the river and as he leaned to have the water, she had him fall in love with his own reflection.

That’s the first story.

While the second tale goes suggests that Narcissus was the one who was in love with his identical twin sister who eventually died.

He missed her so much that he visited the river every day to look at his reflection.

We don’t know if it was incest or only pure love, but the first tale fits best for our description of modern-day narcissists.

Continuing with the first tale, Greek mythology also suggests something very interesting and relevant to our modern-day concept of narcissism.

He was cursed by the Gods for falling in love with his reflection. Since then, has always been seen as a cautionary tale against excessive self-love.

That brings down to our today’s topic which is the question — Isn’t Narcissism Just Self-Love?

Many people come up with this idea or ideally an excuse to sugarcoat narcissism saying it’s only self-love. No big deal. Narcissism is just a myth and an agenda to vilify people who care about themselves.



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