If You Have This Personality Trait, You're Facing The Most Abuse

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2 min readJun 7, 2022
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Have you ever heard of this personality called "Agreeable Personality"? Well, you might not have heard the term but I can bet you have definitely come across a person with agreeable personality.

Agreeableness personality trait being a maternal trait, it is found mostly in women, so most women you know are agreeable. Makes sense? Okay let's break it down a little bit and try again.

Agreeable personality trait includes being empathetic, polite, kind, considerate, warm and cooperative. As most of these characteristics are mostly found in women, it makes them more agreeable. However, it does not mean that men do not attribute these warm features. Agreeableness is seen in both men and women, with women outnumbering men.

But do not be fooled that being agreeable is necessarily a good thing. In fact it's a nightmare to walk in their shoes even for a little while. Here’s why -

  • They are people pleasers.
  • Mostly submissive and intimidated by people.
  • Do not take a stand for themselves
  • Act like a carpet and let people take advantage of them.
  • Overlook the bad in people and only consider the positive traits. This can cause them trouble with trust issues in the future.
  • Care less about themselves and more about others.

With these traits, agreeable people become prone to abuse than any other personality. Them not speaking out against their abuse and acting like a carpet does a great favor for the people who look to take advantage of them.

Studies have found that people with more agreeableness are abused the most and seem to endure all the hardships without complaining. We all know one such person in our lives who struggles to say 'no' to someone and hence becomes the family or workspace scapegoat.

Contrary to agreeableness is disagreeableness with totally opposite characteristics to that of agreeableness. These are mostly men and the problem with being too disagreeable is people labelling you as rude and abrasive. Far better than being agreeable.

There are tests available online to check how agreeable you are. Here’s the link to an Agreeableness test. Not only is it fun but also, it’ll show you if your boundaries for people are too extended. How Agreeable Are You?

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