Has The Queer Community Been Lying About Their Sexuality?

If it’s not genetic how come it is not a choice?

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Over the past decade with more and more people being vocal about their homosexuality, this question has now become more prevalent than ever around the world i.e if homosexuality is genetic, psychological, or a choice?

However due to a lack of evidence with no relevant changes between the genes of a heterosexual and a homosexual person the belief of homosexuality being a choice grows stronger. A homosexual would claim it wasn’t their choice but it came to them naturally. And the counter-question would be — if it was natural how come it’s not since birth? Most homosexuals agree with the fact that they were not born gays.

Also, the religious scriptures play the odds against homosexuality per se The Bible and The Quran. Both these religious books state a verse or two against homosexuality being an authentic gender. With all the concrete odds against homosexuality what could prove the fact homosexuality is not something you choose. The rumors were that homosexuality was a psychological disorder. However, the psychologists took up the challenge and turned all the odds in favor of homosexuals.

How Psychology Shut The Rumors

However, in 1950 when most people in America considered gay and lesbianism a mental disorder, a psychologist from UCLA University of California, Los Angeles, Evelyn Hooker decided to prove these rumors wrong. After a careful assessment of 30 heterosexuals and homosexuals, she finally concluded that homosexuality is not a mental disorder nor a choice.

Coining the Term “Homophobia”

When the people with concrete belief systems frowned upon homosexuality and shunned homosexuals, psychologist Weinburg 1972 coined the term Homophobia. According to his research with therapy patients, he was convinced that the anti-homosexual attitude was an actual phobia. He discovered that most men and women were prejudiced with their opinions on homosexuality.

Inheritance Theory

The facts were unveiled when it was shown that about 70% of homosexuality can be accounted hereditary. In 1990 the fact spread across the globe paving a path for homosexuality towards an authentic gender ship. Although there’s no significant difference in the genomes of the contrary genders, the family charts prove that it is hereditary.

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